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For The Love Of Finn, Inc. is a non-profit corporation dedicated to helping native wildlife through rescuing and rehabilitating debilitated and orphaned/displaced animals until they are ready for release back into the world. For The Love Of Finn, Inc. is also committed to improving the well-being of wildlife through public education; focusing on how humans can safely and peacefully coexist with native wildlife and the importance of wildlife to man and the environment.

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    Due to the terms of our liability insurance, no one under the age of 16 years may volunteer.


    Volunteer Support

    Waiver and Release

    I understand that as a volunteer at For The Love Of Finn, I will be working around injured, ill, and orphaned wildlife. I assume all risks associated with volunteering at For The Love Of Finn, including but not limited to, the risk of injury or disease transmission from the wildlife. I understand that there is always a risk of injury and/or property damage involved when working with wildlife, especially during activities related to rescuing, handling, cleaning (food dishes, laundry), transporting and rehabilitating wildlife, and I agree to assume any and all such risks. I understand that I am to exercise a high degree of care in carrying out my volunteer duties, and in doing so may still be subject to illness, injuries and damage.

    I hereby release and hold For The Love Of Finn, Lori J Wheeler, their respective officers, Board Members, volunteers, employees, supporters, and event sponsors harmless from liability for any and all actions, claims, damages, disabilities, liabilities and expenses of any kind, type or nature that may arise in any manner whatsoever out of my activities as a volunteer at For The Love Of Finn, Lori J Wheeler, their respective offices, board members, employees, and volunteers. This
    release and waiver extends to all claims of every kind and nature whatsoever foreseen and unforeseen, known and unknown.

    I also certify that I am responsible for discussing my volunteer service at For The Love Of Finn, Inc with my medical doctor and all recommended vaccinations by my medical doctor are my responsibility to obtain and maintain.


    If you are a transporter, you pick up and drop off animals from one location to another. This should happen within the day as quickly as possible, realizing that you may not be fully aware of the needs of this animal. Wildlife is generally in need to immediate care and you are providing a very important step in ensuring this animal receives the care it needs. If you encounter any problems or concerns, call Lori J Wheeler at 6072152124.

    Volunteer Agreement
    My services to For The Love Of Finn, Inc. are provided in a strictly voluntary capacity without expectation of compensation or any employment-type benefits of any kind. I agree to assume all risk of this volunteer position and will hold For The Love Of Finn, Inc. harmless for the same. For The Love Of Finn, Inc. reserves the right to conduct background checks on volunteers. I will not take photographs of the animals for my own personal use. I will wear appropriate Personal
    Protective Equipment (PPE) as directed by For The Love Of Finn, Inc. I will follow the guidance provided to me by For The Love Of Finn, Inc. and complete me role as agreed upon.

    I understand that by submitting this application that I acknowledge reading the Waiver and Release and Volunteer Agreement and will abide by this when I am accepted as a volunteer.