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Lori J Wheeler

I have been an NYS-licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator since 2018, acquiring a Class II license in 2021 and adding an RVS license on October 21st of 2022.  I specialize in small mammals, with a special interest in opossums and cottontails.  I enjoy offering educational opportunities to the public specifically on wildlife rehabilitation and how humans can safely and peacefully coexist with native wildlife.  In addition to wildlife, I worked for a couple of years with native and exotic species for a program that provided educational experiences to the public.

I have an Associate of Science degree and have nearly completed a Bachelor of Science in Human Services.  I spent thirty-eight years working in the Human Services field in a variety of roles that enabled me to advocate for and support individuals with disabilities to meet their personal goals.  In March 2021, I made the decision to seek early retirement to focus my time and resources on wildlife rehabilitation.

Brittany Wheeler
Board of Directors

Brittany is a Middle School Teacher in Corning, NY. She is passionate about all types of education and values the opportunity to help spread awareness about local wildlife. Although she loves wildlife best from a distance, she is grateful for the ability to help animals by serving on the Board of Directors. Brittany is an avid reader and helps to interpret the many rules that govern non-profit organizations.

Brandee Terry
Board of Directors

Brandee serves on our Board of Directors. She has a background in Website Development and owns a small business producing graphic tees and giftware. Brandee is able to use both her background and her small business to help spread awareness about For the Love of Finn. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, traveling, and spending time with her husband and three children.