Why Do You Rehab?
Why do you rehab? I have been asked this more times than you can imagine…
I read this earlier and thought it was perfect.
Rehabbing is like one big crazy relationship with a bunch of tiny bodies.

At times you argue (get a little lip and a lotta tude) while others are smoothish sailing. It includes ouchies and booboos, laughs and tears. The worst of times and the best. You share food, friends, sleepless nights and the most intimate details with each other. At the end of the day, you realize this IS what completes you. So true!!!
It’s not a job, its a privilege. 🙌🏻🙌🏻
You miss commitments, skip parties, reminisce how it used to feel being free, you dream of vacations, hanging out, you miss your family-even if they’re close, going on outings (other than for emergency fruits and veggies or the vet), you talk about the days you used to wear make up, fix your hair and wear nice clothes (or at least had nice clothes), and now you can’t remember the last time you made it a whole day without wearing poop or several varieties of poop. Needless to say, your whole vocabulary changes, you’re not who you used to be, often clueless about what’s going on in the world and its negativities, yet your life has meaning. You have found exhaustion AND happiness. You have found unconditional love, you give your life to help theirs and you wouldn’t change it for anything! This is when you know you’re a Wildlife Rehabber and this is what you were meant to do. So many people haven’t yet found their purpose, for all of the rehabbers, I’m glad we’ve found ours! Thank you for all you do! Thank you to everyone that helps us emotionally and financially, that help transport animals and that reaches out when an animal needs help. We couldn’t save as many lives without you! We appreciate you. I appreciate you!!! ❤️